Psychological trick for printed ads

truco anuncios impresos
6 April, 2013 0 Comments

This is an effective trick for ads in newspapers, magazines, posters… The best way to understand it is through an example, so let’s go for it:

We are a shampoo company and we want to advertise our new product on a page of a certain magazine.

Our idea is to show a girl holding the shampoo bottle in her hand. Seems simple, but…there’s a key to being more successful: the eyes of the girl. Yes, the eyes.

Don’t you believe me? Well, it’s not just me saying this, there is psychological research supporting it.

Let’s explain it better:

If the girl is looking ahead, meaning, looking at us (the readers), our brain is going to focus its attention on that glance and then on the girl. She will be the main component of the ad. As a result, our brand new product is going to be unnoticed (or much less noticed).

– On the other hand, if the girl is staring at the product she is holding, when we look at the picture, instinctively we are going to look what she is looking at, so, we are going to look directly at the product, making it the main star of the advert this time, which is clearly our goal.

This little trick shows that every tiny detail is important in marketing, and something that seems to be so irrelevant can become the key to our success.