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15 septiembre, 2014 12 Comments

customerInsightWhen it comes to buying a product, there are a lot of elements that can influence the purchase of one brand or another, some of them are related to rational reasons (price, quality, design…) but some others are purely emotional.

This second group of factors is the one that in many cases dominates over all of them and holds the key to the final purchase decision.

With this scenario, the work we have to do is trying to find out those emotional reasons that affect so deeply the behavior of our clients, which are their insights.

A person not only buys a product but also everything that is involved with it: the emotional benefits.

We can separate the process into two steps. First, it is necessary to find out those latent insights hidden into our prospects. Obviously, the ones directly related with our activity.

An example: Dove.

This brand saw a chance to take the side of real women and not the fake perfect women we are used to seeing in beauty advertising every day.

Once we find out that a lot of women would like to see something not so “fake and perfect” and more similar to the real world, we get to the second and last step: the implementation of the strategy, with special focus on promotion. This way, this group of people will automatically link that insight with the brand.

This way, whenever a woman thinks: All of these beauty brands only show perfection, they are so far away from what I am, she will be connecting  her mind to Dove as the brand she is looking for, putting in second and less important place, rational elements such as the quality of the product or the pricing.

Recognizing insights is not an easy task and requires great effort to discover what exactly the product provides to the people, when they use it, how they use it…to get the goal of reaching the true motivation of the purchase.

Nowadays, customers are exposed to hundreds of advertising impacts a day, so if we can find the key that goes beyond the rational decision, our relationship with them will be different and unique, letting us achieve better results.

12 thoughts on “Find out the insights of your clients to go further in your business”

  1. I find myself continuing to buy some items that I used as a kid purely for sentimental and emotional reasons. I think the emotional response to childhood memories has to be among the strongest.

  2. There are a lot of advertisements everyday every where from home ( TV , INTERNET ) to roads ( Sign boards).
    Your example of Dove is right we always try to go to that thing that seems little bit close you us or our needs.
    If we see kids they demand what ever they will see in cartoons or in adds.
    So our choice is also effected with our emotions with rational elements.
    I cried by watching google and coca cola add few days back….

  3. Yo se un pocito Espanol, pero not enough to write a full comment!

    It’s amazing how many ads people are exposed to each day through different mediums. You’re right; advertisers need to make a strong connection with the consumer in order to be successful in their marketing campaign. It’s hard to be memorable in today’s market!

    1. Thank you William. It’s not easy because customers sometimes don’t say what they are really thinking, and that’s the key: what they really think.

  4. I think the emotional response to products is right on. There are commercials on TV that really turn me off and I definitely wouldn’t buy those products. Other ones that evoke some kind of emotional response are the ones you pay attention to. Understanding what that would be in your clients would be a more difficult thing but if successful, could make a great difference to your business.

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