4 questions to know why your clients choose you over the competition

26 enero, 2016 0 Comments

  Often, companies are in their own world, entirely convinced that they produce a specific benefit to their clients, when the main reason for them to pick your company over the competition is a completely different benefit. Result: Huge amount of money wasted because you are focusing your strategy and resources on that mistaken competitive advantage. …

Lovemarks: more than just brands

22 septiembre, 2015 0 Comments

– David, ¿would you like something to drink? – asks Michael to his son. – Yes please, i feel like something refreshing, ¿do we have Coca-Cola? – replies David. – I bought Pepsi, it was on sale… ¿do you mind? – answers the father again. – Ummmm….then i’ll have just water, dad –finally says the …

Find out the insights of your clients to go further in your business

insights clientes
15 septiembre, 2014 12 Comments

When it comes to buying a product, there are a lot of elements that can influence the purchase of one brand or another, some of them are related to rational reasons (price, quality, design…) but some others are purely emotional. This second group of factors is the one that in many cases dominates over all …

Brand repositioning is not a kid’s game

reposicionar marca
24 junio, 2014 0 Comments

Every single brand has a different place in people’s minds, which is its positioning. It may happen that, either the company has realized that the ideas they have been trying to transmit don’t match with the image the customers have about it, or just because of the competitors, market changes or profit expectations, that positioning …

What are you looking at? How to focus the attention on the product (a little trick)

truco anuncios impresos
4 junio, 2014 0 Comments

This is an effective trick for ads in newspapers, magazines, posters… The best way to understand it is through an example, so let’s go for it: We are a shampoo company and we want to advertise our new product on a page of a certain magazine. Our idea is to show a girl holding the …

The 4 biggest risks of sales promotion

riesgo promocion ventas
31 mayo, 2014 0 Comments

I want to start this post by making clear that when a sales promotion is carried out well, properly planned and analyzed, performed in a short period of time and knowing the concrete objectives, it can emerge in success for the company and it’s going to allow an increase in its sales, even when the …

Mistake = Opportunity

turn mistake opportunity
30 mayo, 2014 6 Comments

I wanted to start blogging with a piece of advice I consider really important for businesses, as it’s the fact of turning a mistake the company has made into an opportunity to fix it, giving the customer something valuable and unexpected for him. To understand this better, I’m going to present an example of a real case …